The Energized Path Solution a Group Program 
to a Sexy, Successful, Authentic You!

Program inspired by Rhonda's #1 Best Selling Book,
"The FITT Solution - 4 Steps to a Sexy, Successful Authentic You! 

Are you a person that has been struggling with having the afternoon slump or may only have energy for 10 minutes a day; as my client did before she started her wellness journey?

Have you ever counted yourself out for the day?
If so, your level of energy and your enthusiasm can be directly related to what you are valuing yourself at for that day and what you are willing to charge for your services and get done in your projects.

This is for you if ever felt:
Exhausted by 3PM!
You don't have enough time to finish projects!
Your day is out of control!
You just get through your day!

Well you are only one step away from learning how to do these steps, plus more right now...

I am a health coach with ten years in corporate as a (Certified Public Accountant, CPA) and after being in the health industry for twenty years I can see that the connection between managing your energy and the money that you make very often have to do with the decisions on what is the best investment of your time and your energy throughout the day. Therefore my business background comes in handy because it's NOt JUST ABOUT boosting your energy and sending you on your way to have you figure out where to spend that energy. In this program I am also helping you make decisions on how and when to invest that energy for your biggest payoff financially and strategically. 

Introducing this uniquely designed program that will support you now and teach you approaches for you future wellness plan by you learning how to get to the root causes of your low energy.

This program is for you if you are ready for a lifestyle revamp!

Rhonda's Energized Path Solution uses her signature system that's been created, tested, and implemented to success throughout her time in the health industry. Rhonda's unique process gives you insightful support in what Rhonda does best... Listen, Mentor, Crystal Clear Goal Vision, and then Your Personal Solutions through this six month group coaching program with two monthly live group calls, one on one mentoring and the a private Facebook group. 

This is what you will receive when you start this program:
Acidity Strips
Connective Tissue Therapy
Customized Handouts
Group Vitality Energy Sessions Two per month
One on One Vitality Energy Session for You
Private Community Facebook Group
PLUS quarterly events such as a Sierra Hills Hike, VIP Dinner or Energy Retreat depending on the time of year!

“If you do what you always did you will get what you always got!”

~Mark Twain

Video coaching education...

Think about all the money spent on buying food and drinks to keep your energy up all day but inadvertantly you get the opposite results, slow brain, slow body. Think about all your unproductive time that is tied up in slow, sluggish energy that increases your stress level to the roof and not being able to accomplish your day in getting everything done that you know you should be able to or used to be able to do. 

The Flat Belly Lifestyle Plan videos will support a new masterful mindset with deeper learning in how to successfully apply the 7 Chakras, The Top 10 Sabotage Secrets to Mindset Clarity Template, and much more...

"The Energized Path Solution" LIVE Group Q&A COACHING AND 1on1 Energy Revitalize Sessions with Rhonda... 

The Energized Path Solution program is built around personal aha's and guides you in Rhonda's Three Energy Revitalize Pillars: food, mindset and eating. Once applied to your life, results will happen to "take inches off your hips", "lose two pant sizes", eliminating night sweats", and "no more double abdominal pain, bloating, and restful sleep". These quotes are all based on people participating in the Energized Path Solution.

Many inquire about how these results are occuring when many plans don't get these types of results and sometimes a person can feel even more confused then when they started. The answer is that Rhonda is one of her best client's as she has been able to releave her body from taking thyroid medicine that she was taking for over 20 years.


"I had low energy and would CRASH every afternoon. I'd been to Dr's who'd say it was adrenal fatigue & gave me pills, but still low energy and afternoon CRASHes. I had to take a nap to recover... if I didn't, I could stay awake, but my thinking was slow & foggy. I hated it. Rhonda showed me how to get connected to my body (instead of ignoring it & expecting it to perform) and how to reset my adrenals for smoother energy throughout the day. The calmness of her voice was a lovely added bonus. After our first session my productivity for my business skyrocketed and I feel like myself again! I love to have a good time & get stuff done. Thanks to Rhonda's wise counsel I can."
Dorothy Kuhn, Women's Empowerment Expert

"I lost 10 pounds in the first month after learning where I was stuck energetically. I had kidney stones and I believed that I would have to deal with this for the rest of my life because it was "heriditary".  I am no longer getting up throughout the night but finally sleeping. Thank you Rhonda  ~Ana Soto

"I am finally not feeling alone in my health journey where in the past I felt overwhelm and didn't know where to start. Now I am moving forward with weight loss with a stronger mindset" ~Monica Pino

"I had many aha's in learning how to eat fresher and healthier, and realized that I was stuck. I learned to use the strategies successfully to weight loss and doubling my energy." ~Stacy Aiello

"I finally connected with my kitchen in a new way and realized how easy it is to cook healthy!" ~Kim Caldwell

"I am connecting with "feeling the fear and doing it anyway", that really hit home. I finally truly understand the root cause for my daily energy stagnation and the need to eat fresh vegetables and now how I can double my energy. This was major for me. Thank you Rhonda"  ~Jen Perfler

"I found a desire in eating healthier. My belly is looking more flat and my dresses are looking more gorgeous on me!"  ~Maria Appelqvist, Sweden

"Realizing that I can feel so satified by eating so simply and clean. Finshing a meal and not feeling bloated feels amazing! I now know that I have food allergies that make me congested and once I started eating for my body my confestion cleared up!  ~Beverly Liebig

"The first week I lost weight right away, 5 lbs. and I didn't even realize that I could even lose weight. I feel less pain with my rheumatoid arthritis, more prsent, and centered in my day. Rhonda has taught me so much about mindset and how that has affected my long term health!"  ~Estelle Lyman