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Before Saturday, May 21st 

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Struggling with daily low energy? You are not alone.

The 3 Specific Reasons That You Need To Be Part of This Retreat!

  1. This is for you if you are yearning to: 
    1. Lose 10+ pounds in a month.
    2. Stop the pain in the belly.
    3. Know your anxiety so it can be gone.
    4. Physically feel strong.
    5. Have your clothes fall off you and lose one pants size.
    6. Stop feeling like you are being pushed down from daily struggles.
    7. Finally feel the confidence to talk and be yourself in front of people.
    8. Stop being aggravated in groups and noisy rooms.
    9. Stop eating the wrong foods.
    10. Stop getting up 10 times a night from kidney stones.
    11. Start having clearer thoughts.
    12. Start thinking more logically.
    13. Live in inspiration, stop the daily struggle so you can pursue your writing, artwork, etc.
    14. Finally not be alone in your weight loss journey and be part of a community.
  2. Stop suffering with NO energy: Sometimes our body is stuck and we feel like it's "normal" and believe that it's just how our body is. The truth is that even if you were born with low energy there is still a solution for your symptom. During the retreat I will be addressing this issue directly.
  3. Need a break from day to day chaos: The  Woman's EnergyFITT Retreat is in a serene location where you can take deep breaths, have a tea break, meditate, and do yoga. This day is about  giving back to yourself and being in surroundings to nurture new changes                                                    **Most women that I meet have NO energy and there are 3 scenerios that need to come together for a wholesome successful plan. I have discovered that many ladies fail in their goals because they are missing or not applying correctly "The Three Pillars":
    1. Eating for high energy.
    2. Daily stress strategies for clean thinking.
    3. Workouts that clear stagnate energy and not deplete the body.

You will learn how to apply tools from my signature system:

  1. "Breakthrough Sabotage Method" will highlight and bring connection to hidden, secret words that you are saying daily and that STOP you in feeling good about yourself to making new insightful lifestyle choices that you have not been able to envision for yourself.  
  2. "Ultra Specific Plate Plan Formula" that will stop you from the yo yo dieting and give you instant strategies to what should be on your Master Grocery List.
  3. "RORR Method" that will unveil the workout that you need to be doing right now to unclog the stagnate energy and burn body fat. 

Please note: There is limited space, grab your ticket now.

Get to know Rhonda!

Hi my name is Rhonda Liebig, if I haven't had a chance to meet you yet. Thank you for spending time getting to know about my "Woman's Energy FITT Retreat". You will find that I am attuned to details as a holistic health coach. I don’t miss a beat when it comes to discovering solutions and my success is in building a retreat for you that will be serene and a new connection to what is stopping you from having a full high energy day.  

I have built the Woman's Energy FITT Retreat based on my 15 + years experience in the industry and learning from my client's sucesses along the way. This is the areas that I find most women are struggling with and I have built my energy signature templates that will guide you to energy success. I have in the past struggled with low energy and in my 30's I was diagnosted with hypothyroidism. These strategies that you will see in The Woman's Energy FITT Retreat are what I used to get out of my depresession, year over year weight gain and extreme energy lows. And I am still using these strategies to this day!

This Day Is About Discovering

The FITT Retreat is strategically laid out so that you connect with:

1.The environment factors that contribute to low energy!
2.How diet can protect and heal us!
3.Which "healthy" foods can inhibit energy function if you are stuck in specific organ energy!
4.Why fat is imperative for the endocrine system to keep the energy up!
5. The metaphysical and mind/body connection to energy stagnation!
6. How to recognize old behavior patterns that may be detremental to energy!
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Before Saturday, May 21st

The Holistic Information You Will Be Learning

This day will bring new knowledge and understanding about yourself and what you are emotionally and physically struggling with but it will also bring in awareness of what you are Thriving in.

To have insight of our Struggles can give us the awareness and new found strength to want to adjust our food and lifestyle. 

Our Struggles hurt our overall health and wellbeing by:

1) Accelerating our aging factor. 

2) Hiding from our true authentic selves thus increasing our insecurities.

3) Bringing on anxiety that wears us down.

4) Bringing on rashes and hives from the nervous system being off.

You will leave the day learning about how to increase your energy to the fullest. 

Throughout the day you wil be enjoying:

Meditation, Tea Break, Themed Energy Demonstration Lunch, Meridian Point Yoga... and much more!



"I enjoyed myself at the retreat because of being with women like me. I am finally not feeling alone" ~Monica Pino

"I had many aha's in learning how to eat fresher and healthier, and realizing that I need to focus on my kidneys to lose weight and double my energy. ~Stacy Aiello

"I really enjoyed myself and everything that you do. My aha today was realizing how easy it is to cook healthy" ~Kim Caldwell

"Today I connected with "feeling the fear and doing it anyway", that really hit home. I finally connected with why I need to eat fresh vegetables to double my energy. This was major for me. Thank you Rhonda  ~Jen Perfler

Before May 21st At Midnight Pacific